Outdoor Living Space

Patio, deck, elaborate outdoor living area, covered patio, complete outdoor kitchen, pool, spa area with a shower


Outdoor living is as varied as you want it to be.  Possibilities range from a simple patio or deck to an elaborate outdoor living area with a covered patio, complete outdoor kitchen, and pool or spa area with a shower.Long Horn Maintenance proudly serves communities south of Houston including League City, Clear Lake, Friendswood and Pearland.

Additionally, Long Horn Maintenance now offers our certified services and installation of the amazing Clifrock outdoor kitchen space. We are able to bring an amazing outdoor living resort environment right into your backyard with the engineered stone panels. The custom installation of your backyard kitchen, outdoor living space, fire pit, bbq, water features, or other back yard amenities, can be done in a matter of days instead of months. Check out our Outdoor Kitchen Space at Outdoor Kitchen Space


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